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School of Traditional Chinese Medicine
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The School of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the predecessor to the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine, was founded in 1959 as the first school since the foundation of Anhui University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. In 1997, it changed its name to the Department of Clinical Medicine. In December 2004, it changed its name to the School of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Traditional Chinese Medicine Research Institute and Xin’an Medical Research Center are affiliated to it. The school has an excellent faculty with 67 full-time teachers, of whom 21 people are professors, 23 associate professors, 32 people with Master’s degree or above, 8 people with doctoral degree or doctorate in reading.


The School of Traditoinal Chinese Medicine occupies a very prominent position among all schools of the university. The course of tradional Chinese medicine was rated as "provincial professional education reform model ". The school now owns 6 teaching and research departments, 1 experimental teaching centre, 5 master’s degree spot, and 6 disciplines as the national traditional Chinese medicine administration key disciplines collaboration disciplines, among which the Chinese medical diagnosis and traditional Chinese pharmacology are key curriculums and key laboratories at provincial level.


Experts and professors of the school have been editor-in-chief or associate editors for over 150 traditional Chinese medicine academic texbooks’ edit and over 2300 academic papers’ publication. Since the establishment of the Research Institute of Chinese Medicine, the school operates under the management system of “school and department integration”. Members of the faculty actively take part in scientific research activities and scientific innovation, participating in 53 natural science research projects at national, provincial, and departmental level, 27 teaching research projects at provicial and university level. They have been awarded with 1 National Teaching Excellence Second-class Award; 1 Natural Science Second-class Award by Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Ministry of Health; 3 Provincial Natural Science Awards; 1 Provincial Teaching Excellence First-class Award; 2 Provincial Teaching Excellence Third-class Awards; 1 Eastern China Traditional Chinese Medicine Universities Teaching Excellence Award; 3 Universities Teaching Excellence First-class Awards; and 2 Universities Teaching Excellence Second-class Awards.


After 46 years’ development and innovation, the School of Traditoinal Chinese Medicine have cultivated numerous famous Chinese medicine doctors and lectures at national and provincial levels, and developed thousands of excellent medical graduates.


For more information, please visit the School's website (in Chinese)

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