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School of Pharmacy
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The School of Pharmacy of AHUTCM is one of the schools (departments) of Materia Madica including more complete kinds of specialties on Materia Madica of TCM in national colleges and universities of TCMIts former was the class of Materia Madicawhich was set up by Anhui medical college in 1972.The pharmacological department was set up in 1974separated in 1976 and became the department of AHUTCMThe School of Materia Madica was founded in January, 2004. Up to nowmore than 4000 pharmacological talents have been brought up for our countryAt presentthe students in the School are more than 1600.


The whole staff is 128which includes 15 professors40 associate-professors and 33 tutors of PostgraduatesThere are 4 Master’s progarmmes--the Materia Madica of TCMpharmacognosy pharmaceutics and pharmaceutical chemistryfive undergraduate specialties--Materia Madicatraditional Chinese Materia Madicapharmaceutical engineeringPharmacological preparation, resource and utilization of TCMet al in the School. The School has one pharmacological institute8 staff Rooms-- basic pharmacological chemistrymathematics, pharmacological analysisplant chemistrypharmacological chemistry and pharmaceutical engineeringpharmaceuticstraditional Chinese Materia Madica and clinical Materia Madicathe study of resource of traditional Chinese Materia Madica, experimental teaching center, the specimen center of traditional Chinese Materia Madica, pharmacological arboretum, and also has 4 cooperated constructing units of stressed subjects belonging to National Administration Bureau of TCM, one provincial experimental teaching model center of basic course (Developments unit),and 2  provincial stressed laboratory.


In recent years, the School has always insisted on the developing thought of considering that teaching is the center and scientific research is the head in order to promote the developments of teaching and scientific research simultaneously.


The School has successively taken on 80 scientific research projects—the national"863"important research projectsthe national the Ninth five-year Plan and the Tenth Five-year Plan scientific and technologic projects or tackling key problemthe provincia1 the Ninth Five-year Plan and the Tenth Five-year Plan scientific technologic subjects of tackling Key problemand the provincial natural funds projects, has established 80 scientific research bases and the production-study-research cooperating baseshas won more than 30 items of the national and provincial awards of scientific and technologic Progressamong them the subject the study on the herbal medicine—Duanxueliu(Clinopodium Ploycephalum)in pharmacological basis and clinical applications won Anhui provincial second-class award of scientific and technologic progress and the national third—class award Of scientific and technologic progressand Duanxueliu(Clinopodium ploycephalum)and its extract tablet were the first Anhui local drugs recorded in China Pharmacopoeiahas organized expert groups to edit more than 50 workssuch as Anhui Traditional Chinese Materia Madica RecordsPlanting Techniques of Common Herbal Medicineet al3000 more scientific papers were publishedand more than 20 kinds of new drugs were developed. As editors in Chief and subeditorsthe staff has edited 10 teaching books such as Materia Madica of Traditional Chinese Medicine, The study on Resource of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Pharmacological Botany, The study on Plant Growth, Pharmarceutical Technology, The Study on Administration of Pharmacological Affairs, et al and has participated in the editions of 20 more other teaching booksThe School actively pushes the college-class system reforming of experimental teachingincreases special experimentschanges the localapplying and validating experiments into the colligatingdevising and innovating onesattaches importance to practicing teachingsuch as coursing probation, manufacturing practice, special graduating practiceet alascertains two bases of coursing probation the field practice of pharmacological Plants in Huangshan mountain and the authenticating practice of medicinal materials in Bozhou herbal marketand has established 40 more bases of manufacturing probation and graduating practice in our province and other provincesOwing to solid foundation of specialties, the one—off employment rate is continuously up to more than 95 for five years.

For more information, please visit the School's website (in Chinese)

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