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Transportation to AHUTCM
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Travel information relevant to AHUTCM


-- To China:

 Usually you can fly from your home country to either of the following airports in China--Beijing (Capital International Airport) and Shanghai (Normally speaking, Pudong International Airport ).


-- To Hefei:


1) Arrival Airport: Shanghai 


By train Frequent shuttle bus service connects Hongqiao or Pudong International Airport with Shanghai Railway Station every 10 minutes. There you can easily find an intercity express train between Shanghai and Hefei.The fare is about 160 RMB for a sleeping berth. We do advise you to take a night one because after a sound sleep, then the following morning, when you wake up,you will find yourself in Hefei. 


By air Hongqiao International Airport and Pudong International Airport are linked by frequent shuttle bus service every 20 minutes.You can transfer to the domestic airlines in Hongqiao International Airport. The air ticket between Shanghai and Heifei is about 600RMB. Only after a 40-minute flight, you will arrive at Hefei Airport.


By coach It takes you less than 6 hours for you to leave Shanghai for Hefei. One fare is less than 200RMB.


2)Arrival Airport: Beijing (Capital International Airport)


By air You can transfer to the domestic airlines directly. There are about 5 direct flights between Beijing and Hefei every day.


By train A frequent direct service operates between the Airport and Railway Station. Intercity express trains between Beijing and Hefei are available every day. A sleeping berth only costs you about 250 RMB.Again the night one is preferrable. After you have a nice sleep, you will be in Hefei.


-- To Anhui University of Traditional Chinese Medicine:


Both Hefei (Luogang) Airport and Hefei Railway Station are very near to the university--just a 20-minute drive. From the airport or the station to the University, you can:


--take a shuttle bus from the airport to the downtown, which only costs you 5 RMB.Then, you can

easily find a taxi( also 6 RMB) sending you to the University.


--take a taxi directly. The cost is about 15RMB.We do recommend you to do so, for there are many

taxicabs avaiable everywhere in this middle-sized city.


--ask us to pick you up.If you really need our help to pick you up at the airport or the station, never

hesitate to inform us in advance. We’ll do our best to specially arrange a vehicle for you.


If you want to get more information, please visit the following websites:


   1) Shanghai Pudong International Airport:



   2) Beijing Capital International Airport:



   3) Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport:



   4) Hefei International Airport:





    Note: One US dollar is about 7 RMB.

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