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Welcoming Words from The President
Date: 2012-12-12  Read:   [Close]

by Prof. Wang Jian  

Doctoral student’s  supervisor & president of Anhui University of Traditional Chinese Medicine


A constant improvement has been made in knowledge, science, technology and society since the 21st century came. The voice of protecting the environment and returning to the nature becomes stronger than before. People are fully aware of the fact that to care for health is more necessary than to be treated. Moreover, while encountering with some thorny or new diseases, people could not find a proper way to heal them with the help of western medicine, they often turn to Traditional Chinese Medicine (short for TCM), which has a development of thousands  of years, never declined but more and more prospective. This is not only because it originates from nature, adopts natural herbs and therapies but also because there are more and more TCM practitioners who are making it integrated with modern western medicine. They not only inherit traditions but also keep exploring the new therapies of TCM; not only explore its new therapies, but also keep developing the new fields in TCM; not only develop its new fields, but also keep improving the science of TCM―they made endless and continuous efforts to keep it prevailing, to strengthen its effects. The unsurpassed attractiveness and particular advantage of this essence of traditional Chinese culture have been and are appearing. 


Anhui, a province in central China, has won the fame as the “Cradle of Traditional Chinese Medicine” from ancient times. Bozhou, one of the four largest herbal markets in China, known as the “Hometown of Physician Huatuo, Center of Chinese Pharmacy”, lies in its north. In its south, an influential and sophisticated medical tradition, Xin’an  has gradually formed in Huizhou (the neighborhoods of Mt. Huangshan). Anhui province, where generations of famous Chinese physicians were brought up, has a deep origin of traditional Chinese medicine culture. In the history of TCM, “Anhui” is always mentioned and emphasized as a very important birthplace of TCM. Anhui possesses abundant Chinese herbal resources where TCM exists for a long time with its own tradition, characteristics and advantages.  


Located in Anhui province, Anhui University of Traditional Chinese   Medicine, which boasts of a great many experts in medicine and pharmacy, is well known home and abroad. During its 46 years of  development and since its establishment, the staff has always united as an individual and co-worked to improve TCM education, research and internship of the university, of Anhui and of the whole China. As a tradition, the university never shifts the responsibilities to offer high quality TCM education, to promote the distribution and advancement of TCM culture. The university has fostered a great number of TCM talents who are working all around China and even the world. It sets its foot on both domestic developments and overseas developments. It has built friendly cooperative relations with scores of overseas universities or colleges. Since the university got the qualification for enrolling international students, hundreds of students from dozens of countries and regions have been attracted to study here. In recent years, the university has paid special attention to the development of its external education. It put the development of external education as one of its basic development positioning, constantly reformed the system of external education, improved the facilities for external education, and strengthened the teaching and administrative staff of external education, which made its external education improved day by day, more and more prosperous.


The health of human beings needs TCM, and TCM serves the health of human beings. TCM is not only traditional but also modern, not only national but also international. As president of Anhui University of TCM, also as the seventh generation of a famous TCM family group, I sincerely welcome those, who are willing to study and research TCM, from home or from abroad, to our university to study, work and perform clinical internship. I am confident that the true knowledge of TCM can be acquired and the practical skills can be obtained here; that any TCM-lover’s academic pursuits and lifelong dreams can also be realized here. I promise I am always prepared to cooperate with all TCM-lovers to enlarge the great cause of TCM, to work for the great cause of common prosperities of global medicine, to dedicate all my life and energy to the great cause  of improving the health of mankind.   

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