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Job Opportunities
Date: 2012-12-12  Read:   [Close]

Anhui University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (short for AHUTCM) is looking for 2-3 native English speakers with a Bachelor’s degree or above for teaching positions to beef up its international education team. AHUTCM is a specialized TCM teaching institution located in Hefei (the capital city of Anhui province). TCM is an indispensable part of the abundant and colorful Chinese culture. If you want to have a deep touch with the real Chinese culture, TCM must be one of your best choices. Please focus your eyes on this precious opportunity.


Foreign Experts in Anhui University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Job description:

Teaching undergraduates English language; 12 class hours (40 minutes/class hour)per week


Nationality: From English-speaking countries with native accents

Degree: Minimum Bachelor’s Degree (education or medicine preferred)

Work experience: around or over 2 years preferred

Health Condition: Good

Term of employment:

One academic year

Salary & other benefits:

Monthly Payment: 4,000 RMB

Others: an apartment with relevant living necessities for free use during the period of contract; 1,000RMB per year for traveling and a round-way air ticket to home country per year; 500RMB allowances per month for electricity, gas, water and etc.

If you are interested, please contact us via the following ways for more detailed information:

E-mail: azywb@yahoo.com.cn

Tel: +86-551-5169007, 5169289 

Fax: +86-551-2819950

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