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The Second Round Inform

The research of acupuncture and meridian theory is attracting more and more attention by life science and medical science field and becoming an important project in the probe of acupuncture and meridian field around the world. In order to promote the development of traditional Chinese medicine and the academic exchange of acupuncture and meridian research, Anhui Traditional Chinese Medicine College and Chinese Acupuncture Association Literature Professional Committee have decided to hold “International Symposium of Acupuncture and Meridian Research Review and Prospect on 15-Oct-2010 to18-Oct-2010 at Hefei City, Anhui Province, P. R. China. The symposium could grant national class Ⅰ continuing medical education credits 6 points. Now inform the symposium as follows about item:

11.  Symposium Theme

1.      Review the experience of acupuncture and meridian research

2.      Introduce the latest achievements of acupuncture and meridian base and clinical research

3.      Discuss problems existing in acupuncture and meridian research

4.      Prospect and promote the academic exchange of acupuncture and meridian research

5.      Corporation and future development direction

2.     Symposium Content

1.      50 years review and prospect of Anhui acupuncture and meridian research (meridian and organs related research; main symptoms and mechanism research of acupoint; acupuncture research development; clinical and basic acupuncture research development)

2.      Acupuncture and meridian Literature research, basic and clinical acupuncture research

3.      New thinking, new concept and future stratagem of acupuncture and meridian research

4.      Clinical practice of acupuncture and meridian theory in preventive treatment of disease

5.      Blending relationship between basic and clinical acupuncture and meridian research

The symposium will invite renowned scholars from home and abroad to deliver lectures.

3.     Symposium Time

15-Oct-2010 to18-Oct-2010 (register on 15th all)

4. Symposium address

Mei Shan Hotel, Hefei (No.125 Mei Shan Rd., Hefei, about 10km to Hefei Airport, about 11km to Hefei Railway Station)

5. Symposium essay activity

All research papers without been published formally related to the symposium theme and content could be contributed to the symposium. The word account is no more than 5000 (contains graphs, abstract and references), attaching abstract of 300-500 words. The name, professional title, work unit, contact address (post code), contact number and e-mail address of writer should be put in the end of the paper. Please send the paper in WORD files by E-mail. The paper which be adopted will be included in symposium paper collection. The deadline of paper contribution is 30-July-2010.

6. Symposium fee: 880 yuan/person.

7. Contact way

AddressAnhui University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, 103 Meishan Road, Hefei, Anhui Province. (zip code: 230038).

Person to contact          

Ronglin Cai   +86-551-5169185 (0)13965085299E-mail: ronglincai@163.com

Zibin Liu  +86-551-5169185 (0)13856925356E-mail: zibingliu@163.com

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