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University held the Opening Ceremony for the 2012 Malaysian Graduate
Date: 2012-12-13  Read:   [Close]
On the afternoon of September 12, the school held the opening ceremony for 8 Malaysia Graduate of Grade 2012. Vice-president Peng Daiyingr, the President of the General Federation of Malaysian Chinese medicine practitioner Huang Baoguo,Secretary Chen high Luang, Secretary-General Huang Baomin and Foreign Affairs Office, Graduate School Clinical Institute of Acupuncture Orthopedics, School of international Education and Exchange present the ceremony. Vice-president Peng Daiying extend a warm welcome speech, expressed his thanks to the General Federation of Malaysian Chinese medicine’s trust in my university. He introduced the basic situation of the school, and encouraged the students to carry out learning from breadth to depth, concentrated in study, and learn from teachers. He hope that the students in my school will have a happy and smooth learning and grow together, to become the messenger of the spread of Chinese medicine, to provide high-quality Chinese medicine services for the health of the people of Malaysia. The graduate director Shen Guoming briefly introduced Postgraduate Education, training programs,and requirements. He pointed out that, in addition to the course, post-graduate studies should carried out important research projects under the guidance of instructors, students should take the initiative to communicate with the tutor, successfully completed the writing of the thesis,and the respondent.
Author: 黎晖   
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